Nostos/Atmos (2024), 49th Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte of Montepulciano, Premiere

49th Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte of Montepulciano
Tuesday July 23 2024, 7 pm
San Casciano dei Bagni (SI) – Santuario al Bagno Grande

Nostos/Atmos (2024)
Commission of the 49th Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte of Montepulciano, 2024
melologue for actor, clarinet and strings quartet by Giovanni Scapecchi
text by Francesco Pullia

Stefano de Majo, actor
Matteo Nocentini, clarinet
Angelo Cicillini, first violin
Cecilia Rossi, second violin
Luca Ranieri, viola
Maria Cecilia Berioli, cello

/Atmos intends to present itself as a heartfelt appeal to escape from the darkness that, in a pressing way, grips our time, attacking the very existence, in all its declinations, on the planet. There is a way out of pain, hatred, intolerance and misunderstanding. For centuries it has been indicated to us by masters whose voice has reached us by resisting the lazy human deafness. We just need to find the will to make the seeds thrown into us germinate, to let the darkest means finally develop roots in the direction of branched growth, supported by the light, which unites every being, of any order (animal, vegetable, mineral), to the other.We are interconnected by a bond that spares no one, not even those who are absent. Our journey into the provisional, our passage in this life is marked, punctuated, by encounters and returns, on a path that identifies us, day after day, moment after moment, with those who, in front of us, meet our gaze, the our step, breathe the air we take in. From here arises the invitation to have the courage to dare to go beyond, to go beyond internal cages and bottlenecks, to access a horizon of love and Capitinian co-presence, before it is too late and desert, exile, shipwreck take over. In Nostos/Atmos there is our story and our destination.

The melodrama was born from the inspired collaboration between the composer Giovanni Scapecchi and the poet Francesco Pullia.

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Nostos/Atmos (2024)