The Opera Magallanes at Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

The Opera Magallanes at Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC

September 22nd 2022, 7.30 pm
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Terrace Theater, Washington DC, USA

Opera Magallanes: No hay rosa sin espinas (a selection of themes from the Opera)
per orchestra

Musics by Giovanni Scapecchi
Pan American Symphony Orchestra
Sergio Alessandro Buslie, conductor

Selections from La Tempranica, a simple love story with gypsies and royalty in the mountains of Granada, El Barberillo de Lavapie, political intrigue in the time of Goya, La Gran Via, a servant girl singing about the dances of her social class, and many more nostalgic melodies immerse you in the best of Spanish culture. A special addition to this concert is the premier of selections from a new opera written in Spanish to commemorate the 500-year anniversary of Fernando de Magallanes’ and Juan Sebastian Elcano’s circumnavigation around the world in 1519. Opera Magallanes: No hay rosa sin espinas (Opera Magallanes: There is no rose without thorns) is an emotional drama centered around these two important historical figures composed by Giovanni Scapecchi and Marco Reghezza on a libretto written by José Manuel Núñez de la Fuente.

Five talented opera singers from the current Spanish lyric scene accompany the orchestra: Elisa Cordova, soprano; Israel Lozano, tenor; Anna Tonna, mezzo-soprano; Gustavo Ahualli, baritone; Luciano Miotto, Lyric Buffo Bass-Baritone. Joining the singers is the critically acclaimed flamenco dancer, Edwin Aparicio.

Kennedy Center, Antología de la Zarzuela
Terrace Theater, Kennedy Center
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