The movie “As in Heaven, so on Earth” is finally available on CHILI Italy and UK

Original musics by Giovanni Scapecchi

93 Min
Thriller, Animation, Horror, Fantasy
Director: Francesco Erba
Original musics by Giovanni Scapecchi

1275 a.C. – A young girl is imprisoned in the dungeons of an abbey where an alchemist uses her for his strange experiments. Only a young amanuensis will try to free her at any cost. 2011 a.C. – A couple of young teenagers, Cris and Jessy, go missing in the woods while a young woman comes out from the middle of nowhere. During the first investigations, the police find an odd manuscript from a tomb. Today – Leonardo, the Chief inspector of the Police department, is in charge of the investigation of the two teenagers disappearance. He’s compelled to leave his video-testimony, because in the light of his last findings, he fears for his own life. “As in Heaven, so on Earth”…

Eva Basteiro-Bertoli, policewoman
Ania Rizzi Bogdan, Russian tourist
Federico Cesari, Cris
Daniele Di Matteo, Francesco (Voice)
Philippe Guastella, Priest
Margherita Mannino, Jane Doe
Katia Nani, Mother Jessy
Sara Paudano, Jessy
Paolo Ricci (II), Leonardo
Carlotta Rondana, Rebecca
Andrea Lo Coco, Producer
Nicola Visotto, Producer
Dario Alesiani, Producer
Riccardo Lancialonga, Producer
Erika Toa Russo, Producer
Francesco Erba, Producer
Francesco Erba, Screenplay
Michel Tripepi, Photography
Alessio Rivellino, Editing
Giovanni Scapecchi, Music
Giulia Carnevali, Scenography
Isabella Faggiano, Costume Designer
Renzo Iemmolo, Costume Designer
Francesca Faccenda, Makeup

La Stanza dei Mostri, Onda Video, Norne Studios, Deep Blue Art Center, Baburka Factory “As in Heaven, so on Earth”…