Sunday 28th August 2016, 9 p.m., Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera, Città di Castello
Festival delle Nazioni, 49th Edition, Tribute to France
Premiere of Prière à Dieu, for five performers, with or without narrator
Music by Giovanni Scapecchi
Text by Voltaire from Treatise on Tolerance, Prière à Dieu
Ensemble Suono Giallo
Andrea Biagini, flute Michele Bianchini, saxofone Fabio Battistelli, clarinet
Simone Nocchi, piano Laura Mancini, percussions

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Festival dei Mondi opens its 49th edition with a tribute to France, a nation that never stops to influence the rest of the world by its historical and cultural background.
Therefore French records charm as the art and music innovations are celebrated in this edition,in Città di Castello that becomes an additional theater.
For these reasons Giovanni Scapecchi chose the Treatise on Tolerance by Voltaire because it is full of social and civil rights ideas.
Sunday, 28th August 2016 at Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera the Suono Giallo Ensemble performs the premiere of Prière à Dieu, commissioned by Festival delle Nazioni on its 49th Edition Tribute to France.

Further informations:
Prière à Dieu (2016) for five performers, with or without narrator