The shortfilm Adam and Eve raised Cain produced by Onda Videoproduzioni and MadLab competes at the Fantafestival 2014!

Adam and Eve raised Cain by Francesco Erba
Cast: Giuseppe Di Simone, Erika Russo, Angelo Esposito (voice)
Screenplay & editing: Francesco Erba
Cinematography: Chester Copperpot
Special Effects: Andrea Spinelli, Giulia Ghiani, Luigi D’Andrea
Music by Giovanni Scapecchi
Production: Onda Videoproduzioni / MaDLaB
Year: 2014
Film run: 21′
Country: Italy

[cml_media_alt id='504']Adam and Eve raised Cain - Music by Giovanni Scapecchi[/cml_media_alt]

Synopsis: The scars from a childhood stained with tragic events, lead Albert to lock himself in the basement. Building miniature “worlds” is his only skill: this passion allows him to escape from his reality and the torments of his mother. The last “flight” into his past, will transform Albert in a conscious and, therefore, a very dangerous man…

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